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Organic shaped cnc milled objects

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Lighting inspiration

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Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker

Copenhagen is a minimalist bluetooth loudspeaker created by Danish studio design-people for sound systems manufacturer Vifa. The Nordic design of Copenhagen is reflected in its shape and in the choice of materials.

(Source: creativeboom.co.uk)

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Abarrotes Delirio / SAVVY STUDIO

Abarrotes Delirio balances street life and good food through its authentic and functional offer, conveying a lifestyle which is impulsed by a new gastronomical street culture and gourmet meals, but in a new pantry-ready format.  Our objective was to communicate Abarrotes Delirio’s philosophy, based on practicality, simplicity and on the organic provenance of their ingredients, through its identity and interior design, which in turn was developed by Habitación 116.

The careful selection of the products on offer is depicted in the graphic style developed for the brand, where each element serves a specific purpose to complement this lifestyle.  The contrast between the opposing concepts of a corner shop and a gourmet one is resolved through a neutral and pristine base that can cater for all forms and colours which are naturally present in the products, thus effectively communicating the concept of closeness, authenticity and selectiveness.

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zaha hadid

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Presenting you His Majesty 2015 PORSCHE 918 SPYDER HYBRID - the fastest street legal car in the world, also happens to be a hybrid getting about 90 mpg!

Source: jebiga.com

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Recycled products always capture my imagination. The endless possibilities, quirky styling and aesthetics these products contain allow them to become unique, eye catching and above all cost effective. With a little vision and creativity waste material can be beautiful once again.

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Product styling

Product styling

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Samba Primeknit football boot by Adidas

Adidas has created the world’s first football boot to have an upper knitted entirely from yarn.

Developed over the course of two years, each piece of yarn is coated in a water-resistant polymer to ensure the boot doesn’t become waterlogged when wet.

Samba Primeknit boot is said to offer the same levels of strength and stability as conventional boots, while using fewer materials and weighing less.

More about it: Adidas

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CNC milled wooden surfboard

CNC milled wooden surfboard